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Property Management
Owning rental property doesn't need to be a second job!  As a full service, licensed property manager, Hope Realty Elite can eliminate stress and hassle from rental ownership.
As a property owner, you must feel confident that your investment is being properly managed. Our objective is to build that confidence by providing quality property management services tailored around your goals in a trusting and professional manner.

As a tenant, you want the property management company to listen, understand and respond to your needs when matching you to a property or taking care of a repair issue. Our goal is to build long term relationships with our tenants that is built on trust and confidence in our ability to handle any situation in a professional manner.

Why Hope Realty Elite Property Management?

Hope Realty Elite Property Management was founded on the philosophy that a full-service professional property management firm should do more than collect rent and pay a few bills. We believe our services should add to the success of an owner's investment by incorporating the owner's goals with reliable methodologies, innovative marketing and distinctive property management skills while providing quality housing for tenants. In other words, we consider ourselves a vital partner to both success of the property owner and quality of life for the tenant.

If you are looking for a seasoned full service property management firm, Hope Realty Elite is that firm! We bring peace of mind to our owners and tenants. 
Property Management Services

Our professional real estate management services relieve property owners of the burden of dealing personally with tenants, monitoring the activity of lessees, arranging for and overseeing repairs and improvements, evaluating the property for retention or sale and all of the associated record keeping.

Important decisions need prompt attention and owners may be unavailable due to extended travel, busy work schedules, family obligations or illness. You can rely on us to be there during the times when critical decisions need to be made. This is why it makes good sense to let our experienced staff provide the services you need.

An additional benefit of our services is that it centralizes the management and record keeping when property ownership is divided among several parties. We manage a complete range of properties, from small apartments to single family residences to multi-unit and residential.

Your real estate is managed according to criteria you choose while consistent with professional standards of responsibility.

Residential Real Estate Services We coordinate:

  • Advertising and showing the property
  • Application process
    • Obtaining credit reports.
    • Conducting personal interviews with prospective tenants to determine the acceptability of the prospect.
  • Negotiating leases to reflect current market rates.
  • Collecting rent, follow up on delinquencies and take other action, as necessary, to collect any overdue rent.
  • Handling tenant complaints expeditiously and after hours emergency call service.
  • Paying Bills-Sufficient reserves are established to pay all expenses on a timely basis, including utilities and miscellaneous items.
  • Distributing income twice monthly; either directly to owners or to a designated account.
  • Inspecting property and make repairs. Property is inspected and in the event repairs are needed, estimates for the work are obtained.
  • Keeping detailed records of all income and expenses (including repairs and fees) and providing the owner(s) a monthly statement.

Additional Services

As a licensed real estate broker, we can handle all the details in selling property to a current tenant or someone looking for owner financed sales, including obtaining and evaluating third party appraisals to determine a fair selling price.

This full array of services enables you, as a property owner, to enjoy the benefits that such an investment provides while leaving the headaches and time consuming responsibilities to our knowledgeable real estate services staff.

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